Thursday, October 02, 2008

Birthday Indulgence, Part I

Thankfully Hope's birthday took place in September, not in October, because we would've had a hard time sticking to our $100 budget.

Not that it was extravagant, just a little extra to celebrate. We actually had two parties, one to christen our new patio and eat birthday cake, and one family party. Here are pics-

Lund's and Byerly's grocery stores give away a free cake on a child's 1st birthday...just show them the birth certificate. This cake was so cute, and delicious!

Everyone is singing to you, Hope!

Some of the friends gathered on the NEW PATIO (wahoo!!!)

Her first taste of chocolate ever. I think she likes it (it's a genetic disposition:).

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The Little Bird said...

lil miss determination looks as though she doesn't exactly know what to do with her chocolate. but from what I hear, it was tough to get her to give it up afterwards.