Monday, October 13, 2008

How do you say...?

This post is entirely devoted to record keeping, here's hoping I remember it all!

Eva has always had very good diction and a broad vocabulary. But, despite our coaching, she persists in mispronouncing the following words. I think it is sweet, and I do not plan on correcting her anymore (unless she's still stuck when she's going off to college!).

amimal (animal)
blanana (banana)
octupush (octopus) - my personal favorite
oarport (airport)

She also frequently confuses "didn't" for "did," and "does" for "doesn't," and "do" for "don't". Apparently contractions are tricky for her. Example: "Mom, why don't you buy food for us?" Looking confused, I say, "Do you mean, why do I buy food for us?" She says, "Yes."

It's like a little glitch in her brain- sometimes it fires right, other times she goes the whole day long using her contractions backwards. I'm sure her brain will re-wire itself soon!

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The Little Bird said...

Her brain has got a little hitch in it's get-up. Thats so funny!