Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Spooky" Spending

Just a quick update on our October money challenge...

I've thoroughly enjoyed all the enthusiastic feedback on the idea. Now, anyone up for actually joining us???

Sad but true, we are quickly whittling away at our $125. Today I spent money on apples, elbow macaroni, and evaporated milk. I think it was about $10.

I've read before that people who never have enough money don't even try to make the "right" choices with it. And it is a vicious cycle, meaning poor choices build on one another until poor people are permanently poor with no way out. The idea is: we'll never have enough for everything we need, why don't we get what we want?

Today I shopped for Halloween costumes. Actually, they are "fall fest" costumes, but we might take the girls trick or treating in them as well. And, although I really pinched pennies, I still spent much more than I probably should have on things that we certainly don't need. Actually, I spent almost exactly $20 at our local thrift shop on costume supplies for a family of four. Wig, hat, fairy wings, skirt, dress, glitter, plastic sword, belt and more...I think I did quite well for $20...even if I didn't need this stuff.

Wise choice? I'm not so sure. But, this is an experiment. And we'll be spending less this month regardless. And, and, and (can't you hear me rationalizing it all?). Nonetheless, if you see us eating wig/hat/wings/skirt/dress/sword/glitter casserole at the end of the month, you can definitely say "I told you so!"

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The Little Bird said...

I think we're going to jump on board with you and try out your spending idea.