Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because I don't know when to quit...

OK, a few more things that slipped my mind yesterday:
  • Check out Money Saving Mom for tons of ideas on living frugally.
  • If you live near a CVS store, try to capitalize on their sales and rewards. Here are instructions.
  • Same story for Walgreen's. The Internet is buzzing with uber frugal moms who are taking CVS and Walgreen's for a ride. It's almost cult-like, google it and find out for yourself!
  • The Grocery Game website finds all the deals in your area, and lets you know when it is time to stock up on something. It keeps track of the sales, so you don't have to. Brother Ryan (a celebrity on this blog lately) turned me onto this last spring. Try the free membership!

My other thoughts were about the balancing game. It might look like being a tightwad is my highest priority in life. But that is just not true. In fact, I am a conflicted individual. Thriftiness, expensive taste, and natural-organic-wholesome eating desires are always colliding in my world. It is a very difficult balance, one that I certainly haven't mastered. I write this mostly to point out the obvious truth: spending as little money as possible isn't always the wise thing to do. I am on a constant journey to find the right combination for our family, and it isn't easy. Jump into the conversation, I'd love to read your thoughts on this too.

And finally, I think I have cleared my brain. Until next time :).


Jessica said...

Becca, first of all let me say that I am really impressed at your blogging skills :) why did you wait so long to do it?!

I too am on a quest to be more frugal. I have been hunting and printing coupons online, but not to the extent of some. I laso signed up for a CVS card about a month or so ago but have yet to use it...those CVS and walgreens people are crazy!! I'm a little overwhelmed and confused by the whole seems complicated. Maybe one day I'll venture out to CVS and see what happens. Until then, I'll just clip coupons and look for sales!
Happy frugal living Becca! And keep sharing--it helps me (and others I'm sure)!

Becca said...

thanks for the encouragement, Jess! I'm glad that I haven't driven everyone crazy with the frugality talk. And, good luck with CVS!