Monday, October 20, 2008

Follow-Up on Hotel Patenaude

Being that this is a Monday and I am typically a "slow starter" on Mondays, I thought I would give you a snapshot of life here today. Following the flurry of company over the last week, I am doing some catching up on more than just blogging.

Here's us in real life today:

Me? Haven't showered, haven't dressed (still in my bathrobe, sweats, and lime green crocs). Tried to write a list of things to do. All I've really done is make breakfast and lunch, read children's books, change three beds worth of sheets, run three loads of laundry, finish (almost) two blog posts, edit pictures from the last week.

I'm happy that Ella isn't here today. Not happy that she's too sick to be here.

Eva just woke up from a much needed nap...she usually doesn't nap, so we'll see about bed-time tonight.

Hope is still snoozing...hopefully making a final attack on her lingering cold.

Prepping to watch the Swanson's kids tonight for date night.

On the clothes line? Three sets of sheets, 5 pillow cases, 9 towels, several wash cloths. Do you think we should open a Bed & Breakfast? Yes, I hung three sets of wash out in my bathrobe. I don't care what the neighbors think!

Thinking about dinner...split pea soup? Better get crackin'!


rob said...

What I want to know is how do you do it without a nap?

Still like to nap Katie

The Little Bird said...

seriously, I have no idea what your neighbors think...I bet they're dumbfounded!
Yes, I'm wondering the same thing as Katie- how, how, how do you do it?! I don't have kids, a busy life, or all that much homework and I still take naps!

Becca said...

Ha! I take naps sometimes. Set the timer when the girls are resting and give myself 30 min. or something. I don't usually nap, but I have to admit, I am usually a little tired!

rob said...

One more question...I can picture your backyard and you working hard...but to complete the picture I want to know what color the robe is:)

You Rock!!!

AKat said...

i want to stay at hotel patenaude!