Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On upgrading our transportation

Well, I've mentioned it several times now, so this is not new news. But, it is exciting news! We are now the proud owners of a minivan. Not surprisingly, I have many thoughts about this transition, but don't worry I won't share them all.

First, the history. We have always claimed that we will not need a minivan until we have three kids. We do not have three kids, but I do watch a third child most days, so I guess we sort of qualify under our own regulations. Eric has been desirous of a vehicle that he could transport lots of stuff in, such as drywall, lumber, junk, and people. General Mills leases vehicles for some of their employees, then each year the leasing company offers the vehicles to the company employees at a discount. So, around July Eric started getting emails about these vehicles. He got really excited about "stow n go," which allows a person to completely fold the seats into the floor of the van to make cargo space. Or, you can stow suitcases, etc. in the cargo hold while on a trip. While we were driving en route to our Labor Day camping bash, absolutely loaded down in our 4 door sedan, I got excited about "stow n go" too. So excited, in fact, that Eric called brother Ryan and asked him to research these vans, determine what the average cost was, and find out all the details about "our" model. Thirty minutes later, we pulled off the highway at a Fed-Ex, sat in front of a computer, and put down a deposit on a van. We found it to be very exhilarating. When Eric makes a decision, he moves fast. I take on a passive appearance and say things like, "I trust your judgement, honey"... never mind my white knuckles.

So, we rejoiced over our future minivan travels. Especially as we unloaded and loaded the entire household we had brought camping that weekend. It did seem like a good deal- it is a 2007 with low miles and the few amenities we were hoping for. The price was considerably lower than the other similar models we saw on the Internet, and the money was sitting in savings waiting to be spent! As I mentioned yesterday, brother Ryan delivered it to us from Indiana saving us the hassle of transporting it.

Here are the highlights for each of us:
Eric - I think you already know this, but he is just so happy about STOW N GO.

Becca - I can easily fit three kids in car seats in the back, without spending 20 minutes adjusting and readjusting the seat belts. I also do not have to "put a little hip into it" to get the doors closed after three car seats are appropriately squished in.

Eva - Driving down the road on Saturday, it occurred to her. With explosive excitement she shouted, "the van has an antenna!" Believe it or not, she has often lusted after other cars on the road with antennae.

Hope - It appears this van was created to quiet babies. She has done a lot of sleeping in the car lately.

True confessions: I really dislike the color. I guess that is how it goes when you buy something sight unseen. And, I really wanted a Honda Odyssey (but seriously, we're not rich!). And, I found myself feeling a little embarrassed as we pulled up to church on Sunday. Yes, I guess I am vain and shallow. And no, we have never had a cool car...what am I thinking?

Welcome to your new home, family van!


AKat said...

becs! i love the new ride. believe it or not, i really like the color! i am catching up on all of your posts. way to go!

Erin said...

Ha ha!! Sucka' you got a minivan!
I know that comment is going to haunt me for the rest of my life when Jon and I decide we have too many kids for his Subaru SVX!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote you should change your blog name to Minivan Mama. Just a thought...

:) congrats!

Becca said...

Yeah, not too many big adventures planned in the minivan...should we open it up to public voting? Maybe not, I don't want to know the results :).

Sara said...

Hilarious. I love the van. I hope it’s not my favorite color you are dissing either. I can’t quite tell from the pic but it looks like it! Happy Travels.