Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Expanding my Repertoire

"If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress." -David Rockefeller

This banking tycoon, now 93 yrs old (thanks Wikipedia), knew a thing or two about motherhood. I haven't posted much about my recent childcare adventures, but for those of you who don't know, I watch another baby four days a week. Ella is the daughter of one of Eric's old singing compadres, and God definitely had his fingerprints all over this new arrangement. Monday through Thursday I am caretaker of 3 children, 3 and under. Ella is just 5 months, so she is the easiest to keep up with, although I'm still figuring out her quirks. Fridays are usually a delight, as I remember how easy it is to just have two small children. And, I most certainly appreciate the fact that my third child goes home each night at 5:30.

This week, all three are fighting colds. Thankfully, Eva is getting stronger and stronger and no longer gets overwhelming sick from a simple cold. Actually, she really only spent one day this week laying around in a feverish state. Praise God! I'm learning that Hope has a strong temper, so when she is sick it is all about keeping her content. And, Ella is just starting the runny nose/coughing today. We'll see what her sickness temperament is tomorrow, I bet.

Anyway, you can imagine there have been a few moments where invention was required and progress was dreamed of. As a result, I have acquired a few new skills. This "old dog" is learning a few new tricks, you might say.

I can now make a batch of scrambled eggs from start to finish with just one hand. Yes, I can crack an egg one-handed too! One small mishap: The lovely, nourishing, farm-fresh eggs we get from Eric's dad are not always uniform. Today, I was sprayed by an egg that projectile vomited it's fluorescent green egg white all over me. Yes, I had to change shirts. And no, Ella did not come in contact with this mysterious egg white. Thankfully. No, that has never happened before. No, I have no idea why the egg was chemically/genetically altered.

I can now carefully place one lumpy 5 month old in a Johnny-Jump-Up thingy, while holding one squirmy one year old. That is without ramming either of their heads into the door jam, too! Anyone who has ever wrestled with a JohnnyJumpUp knows what a feat this is.

I can now bottle feed, spoon feed, and talk on the phone- all at once.

I can now pry one three year old's hair out of the grip of a barely turned one year old, all the while bouncing a five month old and stirring eggs.

I now understand why earplugs were the daughter of necessity.

Lest you think that I am some kind of superwoman, let me leave you with what I cannot do:

I cannot get dinner on the table at 5:30 when Eric arrives home and Ella is whisked away by her parents.

I cannot keep my kitchen floor clean of falling debris in the form of food, toys, cooking utensils, and fingernails (Eric!!!!).

I cannot resist the urge to snack, especially if something dangerously bad for me is within reach.

I cannot get one load of laundry completely closed away in the drawers before the next load is folded. Anybody have an invention for that?

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The Little Bird said...

priceless. no words.I laughed histerically through the entire thing!