Friday, October 24, 2008

Over lunch

I try to feed our family well in an old-fashioned, natural kind of way, as I believe God intended (brave statement, eh?). This month I cannot say that we're eating exactly as God intended, but rather as WIC intended...lots of eggs, cheese, milk, beans, cold cereal, tuna, carrots, juice. Not all bad things, just maybe in the wrong combinations. I must add, it is a goal to eat well, and sometimes we make other choices. And that's OK too. Anyway, today at lunch I was making a pitch for leftover split pea soup (see previous post). The resident 3 year old was suggesting canned refried beans with shredded cheese, melted in the microwave. My sales pitch involved the words vitamins, fiber, minerals, healthy & strong, nutritious.

Eva stops me at nutritious, "Mom, I don't think I like that word."

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Erin said...

you're reminding me of mom.
love you!