Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He can do anything!

Today, as I was reading to Eva and Hope before their afternoon "naps" (ha ha), we happened upon an important truth. We were reading an old favorite (in fact, this copy of the book was mine as a child), "Snow."

The children in the book ask,
"What is snow? We do not know. But snow is lots of fun, we know."
"What makes it snow? We do not know. But snow is fun to dig and throw."
"Snow is good for me and you, For men and women, horses, too."

At this point, Eva casually comments, "They must not know God, mommy."

I ask, "Why?"

She answers with the tone of voice that says, "mom! Your naivety is astounding." "Because God makes it snow. He can do anything!"

Looks like Eva has a the start of a very good world-view.

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AKat said...

I love you, Eva! You are precious.