Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eva on politics

Me: Eva, who is Barack Obama?
Eva: Ummm, John McCain and Barack Obama...I don't really know where they're from.
M: Are they from here?
E: No. Barack Obama is not a real person, but he talks. He has two kids.
M: What else do you know about him?
E: I don't know.
M: Is one of them our president?
E: No, George Bush is our president now.
M: Who is George Bush?
E: He is our new president- I told you!
M: What do you know about him?
E: Well, you have to watch the George Bush movies in the movie theatre. Do you know that, mommy?
M: I didn't know that.
E: It's more for kids.
M: What are they about?
E: (presenting a long list of titles...)Sponge Bob George Bush, George Bush Saves the Day, George Bush fights with soldiers, George Bush and the firefighters, George Bush saves the princesses.
And that's all the George Bush movies I know.
M: What happens in the movies?
E: I don't really know. But some saving happens in the movies, and some fighting, and kids get really excited when they fight and save. He saves a princess.

Since watching a History Channel show with Eric about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Eva has had presidents on the brain. Current national news and frequent conversations have fueled the fire, and she is often adding her two cents. Through a 3 year old's interpretation, we learn more about the presidential candidates than we did watching the debates on national TV. And I like her version. The current president is ever valiant and eager to rescue the downtrodden princess, his ratings always high. Even if he is "in bed" with Sponge Bob (could this be an allegory to of the sponging of dollars and cents by the oil companies?). Never mind my own political opinions....


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She needs a spot on the network news... I think she would do a better job. At least far more interesting anyway.=)